Energise Your Skin


Energise your skin by EXFOLIATION.


Do you want breathe life back into dull, grey, tired-looking skin? There is nothing more effective, faster and simpler than a spot of gentle exfoliation. Below are the basics on how to give life back to your skin and to leave feeling fresh and energised.

Step 1.

Ready to Fight, product in hand!!

What is Exfoliation? This is basically giving your skin a buff and polish, ridding it of all the nasty stuff like grease, grime, dead skin cells, and making it look cleaner, healthier and younger in the process. Also exfoliators are the product needed for preparing skin prior to using moisturisers and can help prevent ingrown hairs too. There are two main forms ones that use physical particles to remove the dead cells (scrubs) and ones that do it with the help of naturally occurring acids that loosen them (washes). Unique Men Offer both the following products to aid you, like ThalgoMen Descomen Face Scrub For all men in search of an anti-dull skin solution allowing them to re-discover the pleasure of having perfectly clear, purified skin without irritation. Also we offer ThalgoMen Cleansing Gel, This non-aggressive foaming gel rids the skin of toxins and excess sebum. Its freshness revives the complexion and tones the skin, leaving the face looking clear and clean. As a rule of thumb scrubs are great on all but the most sensitive of skins whilst washes and non-abrasive scrubs are great for sensitive or oily skin.


Step 2.

Time to scrub.

The best way to apply exfoliators with mildly scrubbing particles is with gentle circular movements avoiding the eye area. Don’t scrub to hard as you will just sensitize your skin. Instead, let the scrub do the work. Don’t over-use either unless you’re using an exfoliator designed for daily use, otherwise you should only be exfoliating twice-weekly.


Step 3

Is it just my Face I Scrub?.

No, it’s not just your face that needs exfoliating your entire body does too, as all skin gets tried and need to be buffed to. It is like cleaning your car, you would just clean the windscreen you would do the body work also so you should treat your body in the same way. You can buy body scrubs from a number of different shops but there is a little cheat you can use your shower gel with a pair of exfoliation gloves which cost a tenth of the cost of body scrubs but again only do this twice a week. But if you have sensitive skin I would use a body scrubs devoted to sensitive skin as you need to take care of yourself.

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