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Charmdor Ultimate Charming Kit for Men (Premium Black Wooden Box)


Charmdor Ultimate Charming Kit for Men (Premium Wooden Box)

DE Edge Safety Razor For Real Men (Made of Brass With Chrome Plating, Butterfly Opening 3.5cm , Weight 64G)

Wooden Shaving Soap Bowl (Made of high quality Seesham Wood, Weight 116G, used with shaving cream, soap etc)

Shaving Stand for Brush & Razor (Made of Brass with High quality Chrome Plating, Keep your brush tidy to dry properly between uses)

Shaving Brush (Handle made of Sheesham wood with Finest Quality soft bristles)

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Charmdor Ultimate Charming Kit for Men (Premium Wooden Box)

Set Description:- . Premium Wood Box . DE Butterfly Safety Razor . Wooden Shaving Soap Bowl . Shaving Brush & Razor Stand . Razor Blades This set is one of the best selling set of Charmdor. The set is a complete shaving set and a very significant gift for men. The set consist of numerous products that are all essential and very much required for shaving. One of the items that the kit includes is the classical shaving Bowl, it is made of quality Sheesham Wood thus making it unbreakable. Blades box is included in the set.. The set includes a DE shaving razor, shaving brush and a stand. The shaving razor is DE Butterfly opening safety razor . The shaving brush is made of the finest bristles and is very soft on the skin. The stand is for the shaving razor and shaving brush and all these items are made by Charmdor

Shaving Brush Care: Rinse your brush thoroughly after use to remove all soap. Shake your brush to remove all excess water from the bristles. Please ensure you store your brush hanging on a shaving brush stand. If the brush if left wet, with a build up of soap, or not stored correctly, you may find the hairs breaking and coming lose from the brush

Weight 1.3227 g

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