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Dear Barber Beard Grooming Kit


Dear Barber Beard Grooming Kit make perfect gifts or samples sets to ensure you find the right products for yourself.

Dear Barber Beard Oil 30ml

Dear Barber Beard Oil leaves your beard feeling soft and smooth with a healthy sheen. Our legendary formula reaches and nourishes the skin and hair.

Dear Barber Moustache Wax 25ml

Dear Barber Moustache Wax is a strong yet supple wax that delivers superb styling and keeps your  ’tache in shape all day.

Specially formulated to remain soft and workable through the fingers but quickly set on the moustache, for mess free use wherever you are.

Dear Barber Luxury Apricot Wood Comb


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Dear Barber Beard Grooming Kit

Unique Men are proud to offer Dear Barbers much anticipated beard care kit, containing Beard Oil, Moustache Wax and Luxury Apricot Wood Comb.

Everything you need to keep your facial hair in tip-top condition.

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Dear Barber


Fibre, Mattifier, Pomade, Shaping Cream


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