Taylor of Old Bond Street Range

Taylor of old Bond StreetTaylor of Old Bond Street Range.

Highly effective shaving products from one of London’s most iconic barbers, founded in 1854 now stocked at www.uniquemen.co.uk

Shaving products are at their most effective when developed with the annals of shaving heritage and tradition behind them, such is the case with shaving historians and iconic barbers, Taylor of Old Bond Street, first opened in the 19th Century.

September 1st, 1854 saw Jeremiah Taylor open his first Taylor of Old Bond Street Salon on London’s fashionable Bond Street, from which he quickly gained a reputation in British Society for his botanical extracts, shaving formulas and hair treatments.

The next generation of Taylor, Ivan continued the shaving tradition, but it was Sidney Taylor who opened the now famous branch of the iconic shaving brand on Jermyn Street.

Use Taylor’s famous pre-shave treatments, shaving creams and shaving soaps to create a luxurious lather and follow with a lightly scented aftershave balm for a remarkably comfortable shave. In case of any nicks or cuts, Taylor’s shaving accident remedies aid the recovery from the occasional shaving mishap.

Their exquisite attention to the detail and made to highest quality specification and in a timeless, yet classic, design. In keeping with ours and Taylor of Old Bond Street tradition has always been to manufacture products with pure and natural ingredients where possible.

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