The Perfect Shave


STEP 1 – Best time to shave.

Skin tends to be puffy first thing in the morning due to an accumulation of fluid during the night so it is best to give it time to settle before you go to work with the razor and you’ll get better results with fewer nicks and cuts. It will always be better to shave after a shower. Steam is great and your friend for opening open pores, removing dirt, grime and for softening stubble.

STEP 2 – Prepare for battle properly.

We have asked a number of professional barbers what is the key to a top class shave, and they say it’s all in the preparation. Stubble is one of the toughest compounds and is as tough as copper wire of the same thickness. With this in mind it needs to be adequately softened before shaving, the best way to do that is with warm water but in order for the hairs absorb water they need to be free of any oil secreted by the skin. So cleanse thoroughly first with a face wash ThalgoMen Cleansing Gel which also exfoliates skin, helping remove dead cells that kills your razor blades if not removed. Combine with lots of warm water, then pat your face to remove excess water but ensure it’s still slightly damp to the touch.

STEP 3 – Get lathered!!

Shaving creams, like the Taylors of Old Bond St range of Cream Bowls, and high-performance gels like ThalgoMen Shaving Gel provide an important ‘cushion’ between your skin and the razor, protecting it from damage by improving razor glide. To maximize their effect start by placing a small blob in the palm of your hand, along with some warm water, and rub together with your other palm to create a lather. Then spend a minute or two massaging into warm, damp skin with gentle circular motions to help lift hairs. Alternately, you could invest in one of Taylor high quality pure badger shaving brushes to use with any shaving bowls, creams and gels we offer. This will not only whip up an unbeatable lather, it’ll also help lift hairs and exfoliate skin in the process, and this is your best three-in one grooming tool in your bathroom.

STEP 4 – Choose the correct razor for you!

Like your partner or pet, razors need careful handling. At unique Men we offer all our customers the best in luxury grooming with our high class razors range, never underestimate the importance of a good quality razor, we offer both Mach3 and Fusion razors from both Taylors of Old Bond St and Bolin Webb. To get the most out of your razor use light, short and swift strokes, letting the razor do the work. Use the fingers on your free hand to gently stretch the skin in front of the razor and begin by shaving the softer stubble on the cheeks and neck, leaving the toughest bits which are usually found around the chin and lips until last to give them more time to soften and will be much easier to shave. Always shave in the direction of hair growth as if you go against the grain you’ll pull hairs back on themselves which will cause unnecessary irritation. Also rinse the razor regularly with warm water to prevent clogging. NEVER wipe them with a towel as you will damage the fine shaving edge.

STEP 5 – Rinse and revive

Once you’ve finished your shave rinse your face thoroughly with cool, running water to close pores and remove any shaving residues, then gently pat dry with a towel. Never rub as this can irritate the skin. The final stage of your perfect shave is to protect skin with a shaving cream or balm from our Thalgo or Taylors range. This is a crucial step since shaving doesn’t just remove stubble it removes the top layer of skin cells too and leaves tiny microscopic abrasions as the razor’s blades pass over the uneven surface of the skin. Better than aftershaves, which have a high alcohol content and can irritate and dry sensitive skin, balms and creams immediately soothe it, reducing redness, irritation and razor burn whilst moisturizing and re-hydrating. Simply massage in with your fingertips and you’re done! The perfect shave is definitely an art but yet not difficult!

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