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Akin-LogoThe award winning [A’kin]

ranges were pioneered by The Purist Company, an Australian company who for 15 years focused on creating natural, safe and effective products so that men can be their most beautiful selves naturally.

Great care is taken to ensure that all products are paraben free, sulphate free, toxin free, harsh chemical free, certified vegan, animal ingredient free and animal testing free.

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BolinWeb-LogoBolin Webb aims to create beautiful, innovative grooming products that turn everyday experiences into exceptional ones. The shave of course has to be great too – a performance Gillette blade attached to an ergonomic and tactile handle ensures you get a close and clean wet shave. The razors come in two ranges: the R1 with a Mach3 blade and the X1 with a Fusion blade.

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Black-Label-Beard-company-logoFor years Blacklabel Beard Company® has been considered a leader in providing quality mens grooming products. They make frequent small batches to attain high concentrations, achieve superior quality, and to assure product efficacy and shelf-life. We know precisely what goes into our products, and just as importantly, what does NOT! We use the finest all natural ingredients in all our products.

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Dear-Barber-logoDear Barber is a sophisticated alternative to the ubiquitous glossy salon brand; we aim to regenerate traditional male grooming with our own modern twist. Our brand offers the time-honored, classic barber experience to appeal to the 21st century gentleman.

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 gbchris Golden Beards was born in the wonderful neighbourhood of Nørrebro, in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Their products are made one by one, and they are Organic & Vegan and full handcrafted. Their aim is create a premium grooming products with an affordable price.

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Re-Activ-Bodycare-logoRe Activ Bodycare is an innovative range of skincare products specifically formulated for people serious about sport, physical well-being, looking and feeling good. Our products utilise the best ingredients from nature whilst having an uncompromising focus on efficacy and performance.

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Scaramouch & FandangoScaramouche & Fandango are putting the simplicity back into male grooming. are dedicated to delivering high performing body and skincare products but communicated in a simple and straightforward way and at an accessible price.

They understand that our customers demand good quality products as standard and we believe one shouldn’t need a degree in Chemistry to know what to expect from your shampoo.
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Thalgo-Research-Centre-logoThe Oceans are an endless source of energy and an infinitely rich reservoir of bio-active molecules. The Thalgo Laboratory has been exploring this field for over 50 years in order to create, innovate and develop cutting-edge skincare products. The Thalgomen range concentrates the best of these marine riches to address the specific needs of men’s skin. Sensitised by shaving and subjected to the stress of an active lifestyle in an often hostile environment (pollution, air conditioning, etc.), men’s skin requires specially adapted care. This is why Thalgo have created a range of expert products for all men who expect performance, convenience and immediate results from the essential steps in their daily routines: Cleansing, Shaving, Skincare.

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Taylor-of-Old-Bond-Street-logoJeremiah Taylor first founded Taylor of Old Bond Street on September the 1st, 1854. Jeremiah opened his salon in London’s fashionable Bond Street and gained a reputation in British Society for his botanical extracts. The Taylor tradition continued through the next generation with Sidney who opened our now famous flagship store in Jermyn Street, London.

The ‘Taylor’ brand epitomizes classic British style and understated elegance, reliability and quality. Our products are manufactured and designed to meet the highest standards and are made out of natural ingredients where appropriate. We strive on providing both exceptional customer service and products.

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ZEOS-logoAt ZEOS® we’re not really about philosophy. What we’re about is bringing you the products you need to look your best, designed and formulated just for you. It’s that simple.
Life is complicated enough. We think looking good should be simple and even fun.

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FIT-logoFIT Skincare is a range of high tech, natural grooming solutions made specifically for men. High performance, luxury skin and hair care products created by combining advanced formulation technologies and cutting edge active ingredients.

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 logo The Virtus brand image is modern, recognisable and unique, making it stand out from the crowd, Big Green Tree packaging has been kept clean and simple ensuring that it is either recycled already or that it can be recycled or re used. It has been designed with the user in mind and is both functional and eye catching. But best off all are the moisturisers locked into every Balm, Lotion and wash.

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Unique-Men-logoUnique Men are now offering gift cards and vouchers for that someone special in your life.

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GDO-Logo The GDO Men’s Grooming Range is the only COSMOS Organic Beard Grooming Range. Handmade and filled in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, we use organic ingredients which deeply moisturise the skin whilst doing their job, these ingredients are pure and suitable for sensitive skin, as well as anyone who suffers with acne, eczema and psoriasis. Their Products are Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly.

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Rogue-Logo Rogue Male Grooming is for the modern man who wants to make the most of his appearance.
Rogue’s range includes products catering to different daily needs. Each product has been created with an emphasis on fast results, fragrance and unique active ingredients.
All our products are scented with our signature Fragrance which has been manufactured, tried and tested in a world leading fragrance house.

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Squire-Logo Squire understand the importance of keeping ones beard as well maintained as possible. That’s why we have spent countless hours perfecting our range of facial hair products. To keep your look timeless and easy to maintain.

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Lumbersoul-Logo Lumbersoul is from Budapest, Hungary and they have formulated some of the greatest beard care oil and balm products on the market today.

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