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If you think this male grooming lark is a doddle, and then thinks again! For the first time ever, we decided to stock a hair waxing product – certainly not for the light-hearted.  In my own personal experiences with getting my back waxed it’s not great while having it done but the end result is so worth it.  This fact alone made me more determined than ever to find a waxing system that could make the whole process more comfortable and fuss-free.

The Zeos waxing kit for men is the best on the market for the ease of use and the fuss free finish to waxing all your hairy parts.

Life is complicated enough. We think looking good should be simple and even fun. At ZEOS they are not really about philosophy. What they are about is bringing you the products you need to look your best, designed and formulated just for you.

It’s that simple. Today’s man understands that looking great doesn’t always happen without a bit of effort – no one falls out of bed looking like they’ve stepped out of a glossy mag. Many men rely on a salon wax to either improve sport’s performance or to feel more masculine and confident.

ZEOS Waxing Kit

Zeos For Men Warming Wax Starter Kit

Our latest product – the ZEOS Waxing kit for men – has been formulated to bring you the style and fantastic finish of a salon wax, in the comfort of your own pad, whenever you want it. 

Whether you’re at work or play, every man deserves to feel confident and at the top of his game. Life’s too short to wade through shelves of products or spend it at the salon. You don’t want to choose from 10 different products that all do the same thing.

At www.uniquemen.co.uk we believe in bring you the solutions. We believe in bringing you products made for men who want to look great. Our mission is to make looking your best as hassle-free as possible.

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